Portola Avenue Overpass Set to Open Wednesday

Newly constructed Portola Avenue overpass will open ahead of schedule.

Here's an announcement provided by the :

The newly constructed Portola Avenue Overpass will be fully open to traffic beginning Wednesday, March 21, earlier than originally scheduled.

The contractor is finishing up the striping operation today and plans to have the lanes open to travel tomorrow afternoon, which is well ahead of the original schedule. Electronic message boards will be placed at the junction of Portola and Airway to advise motorists of the new route to I-580.

The opening of the Portola Avenue overpass is the final step of the Isabel/I-580 Interchange project.

About the opening, Livermore Mayor John Marchand stated:

“I am pleased to see this final component of the Isabel Interchange project opening early. The Portola Overpass benefits all of Livermore by providing greatly improved access to the residences, and businesses on the north side of I-580 and to Las Positas College. The incorporation of bicycle and pedestrian friendly features into this crossing enhances the use of non-motorized transportation resulting in a cleaner and more healthy environment for the City.”

For information on the Isabel Avenue Interchange project, visit the City of Livermore website.

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RG March 23, 2012 at 09:19 AM
I was in the mood to drive the new overpass earlier today. First of all, the bridge is super narrow and there's only a thin yellow line that divides each direction of the road. This narrowness continues almost all the way to the Isabel intersection. A drunk driver or a big rig on the new road spells a recipe for disaster. Seems like another death trap road has been added to the Tri Valley (the other being the new and narrower Stanley Blvd). I've been wondering for the last year why they closed the Portola exit and I'm still wondering now even after the overpass is open. I miss the days when I could exit off the freeway, turn right on Murrietta and voila I'm home. Now it takes twice as much time and more traffic to deal with. Why couldn't they just get rid of the abandoned gas station at the corner of Murrietta and Portola instead of inconveniencing the West side residents.
Thom Leonard March 23, 2012 at 01:38 PM
I Don't like the new access to the freeway either. The old access to Portola was just fine. Who ever thought of this new configuration, I am NOT amused.


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