Livermore Resident Says Firework That Broke Though Her Window, Starting Fire Could Have Been a Disaster

One Livermore resident shares her frightening experience in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal fireworks.

LIVERMORE, Ca: Charred bedroom carpet due to a fire sparked by a firework. Photo Credit: Allyson Schloming
LIVERMORE, Ca: Charred bedroom carpet due to a fire sparked by a firework. Photo Credit: Allyson Schloming

A Livermore resident says she was lucky she was home on 4th of July when an illegal firework smashed through her upstairs window, catching her bedroom carpet on fire.

Allyson Schloming told Patch she had been home about 30 minutes when she and her family heard an explosion in their house.

"Around 11:15 p.m. on 4th of July, a firework penetrated through my double pane window and started a fire," Schloming said. "It then ricocheted off two walls and landed on the carpet. Luckily, my family and I had just returned from the downtown fireworks show at about 10:45 p.m. We heard the explosion, thankfully the smoke detectors went off and we found the fire that had started and was about knee height. We were able to put the fire out with water. Police determined this was a commercial professional firework that had malfunctioned. Instead of going straight up it went straight horizontally into my bedroom on the second story. The firework was set off by the creek on Arrowhead and Wildflower Drive."   

Livermore Police officials confirmed that a police report about the incident was filed on July 4.

"We were home to put it out but if we weren't it would have been a disaster," Schloming said.  

Livermore was not the only city to have harrowing encounter with a firework on 4th of July.

In Santa Cruz, on July 5, two boys from Livermore were with a Santa Cruz teen who will likely lose his hand after the three discovered a round mortar shell used in fireworks displays on Corcoran Lagoon Beach and lit it in a backyard in Santa Cruz on Saturday. 

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Schloming says she wants people to know that illegal fireworks are extremely dangerous. 


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