Special Needs Puppy Seeks Special Person

Lily is a small Chihuahua Terrier mix with vision impairment that will need a patient home.

We want to introduce all of our Patch Readers to Lily. She's a special girl that will need a special home. Lily is blind, not 100%, but significantly visually impaired. She is in a foster home and asked foster mom to help us tell people about her, what does she do like a normal seeing dog and what does she do different? Below are foster mom's comments about her.... I have to say, I think the best home for Lily has another dog as a companion and a teacher. Please share her story, for we know that just like people with a disability, that does not make them less of a person, in Lily's case she is not less of a dog deserving of a loving, forever home. She's just a few months old (3 or 4) and a long life ahead of her.... Here are the comments from foster mom and a video link in the comments. 

"In general, Lily behaves like any normal puppy. She chases my dogs everywhere. She loves to play with Luna, the pitbull. They often play tug of war. She is able to jump on our couch, and she has figured out that she needs to walk to either end where the arm rest is to jump off so she won't hit the coffee table on the way down. She can jump on an average height bed. When she jumps down, she leaps way out and looks kind of like a flying squirrel! She knows how to use our dog doors to get outside. We have two, one into the garage and one in the garage to make it all the way out. She figured this one out just by following the other dogs in a couple of days. She could find the water in the kitchen and outside on her own within two days. When it is meal time, she waits in the spot where I always put her food. She is mostly house trained, but she is still young so that doesn't seem any different than a seeing dog. She unhappily goes in her crate. Still working on that, but when Jessica is at work (at Stonecliffe), she spends about 4 hours in it. One worry in my house is that we have a dog door that goes directly into the garage, so we have to be very careful when opening the garage door, but she does understand "no". She listens very well. We have to be extra careful not to trip on her because she can tell when people are near, but will get underfoot more than a seeing dog, I think. She doesn't bark at all even when she hears the other dogs barking. She loves playing with my dogs, but she also enjoys spending time in the back yard alone, exploring and laying in the sun. There are very few concessions I have had to make for her. She does get nervous in new situations/places, which makes sense, but she adapts very quickly. She is a funny little thing, it's so cute when you call her name and she cocks her head to one side and looks directly over your head! She's curious and mischievous, like all puppies."


If you would like more information on Lily, please contact Stonecliffe Animal Rescue by email at stoneclifferescue@hotmail.com, or search our facebook page "Stonecliffe Animal Rescue" and send us a message or post a question.  

Our next adoption event is February 23rd at Dublin PetSmart, 6960 Amador Plaza Road in Dublin.  Hours of the event are 11 am to 3 pm.  

Here is Lily's link on Petfinder.com  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/25374590

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Stac February 20, 2013 at 05:21 AM
She sounds sweet. We are at our limit, but for those considering her but who are concerned about her impairment, don't be! My first Lab (who lived to 2 months shy of his 20th birthday) went blind at around 15 or 16. He could see shadows, but that was it. He managed to get around our tri-level home just fine. As long as we showed him where the furniture was any time we re-arranged, he had no problems and was happy and otherwise healthy until the day we finally had to say goodbye.


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