Livermore High Special Ed Cheer Squad Featured on ABC7 News

The Shooting Stars cheer team inspires students during their performances at games and rallies

LIVERMORE, Ca: Livermore High Shooting Stars special education cheer squad. Photo Courtesy: ABC7 News
LIVERMORE, Ca: Livermore High Shooting Stars special education cheer squad. Photo Courtesy: ABC7 News

The Livermore High Shooting Stars special education cheer squad was recently featured on ABC7 News. 

According to ABC7 News, the team is made up of 14 special education students and is coached by cheer peers.

The performance highlighted by ABC7 was the annual basketball game between rivals Livermore High and Granada.

Student coach Sarah Dreher told ABC7 the goal of the program is "to really make a bond between the general ed and special ed students. We want every kid to have their own time to shine and to feel like they got to do what they wanted to do."

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Superintendent Kelly Bowers says you have to see one of their performances to truly understand how amazing they are.

"The Shooting Stars are a shining example of a group of talented and spirited students who, despite real life challenges, aim high to reach their goals.  The Shooting Stars receive unbridled support and encouragement from their peers, staff, and the entire community.  They are an inspiration to all of us with their hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and tremendous school spirit and pride.  The founding student coaches, former students of Livermore High School, have received well-deserved accolades, earning a regional award from the Innovation Tri Valley Leadership Group as 'Mini Dreammakers and Risktakers' for embracing special needs students and being inclusive.    

The Shooting Stars program is now being replicated as a model program at other schools and in other districts.  Words alone cannot do them justice.  You really have to see one of their performances live or even on video to really capture how talented and unique they are as they perform.  It never fails… after the Shooting Stars cheer, they inevitably receive a spontaneous standing ovation, whether it is from their own student body or even rival teams,  because they exemplify a spirit, work ethic, and courage that is unmatched.  In Livermore, we have always known the Shooting Stars are exceptional and it is heartwarming to see the rest of the Bay Area take notice of their talent and exuberance as well."

Read more about the Shooting Stars cheer squad on ABC7 News.

Do you know any of the Shooting Stars cheer team members or their coaches? Give them a shout out in the comments section.
libertus_rebelium March 22, 2014 at 02:17 AM
Grenada has one too but it does not seem to be celebrated as much. Maybe because they don't self promote....
Shelley March 22, 2014 at 08:41 PM
Great job everyone! I am so proud of all of our squads in Livermore!
Becky March 23, 2014 at 11:22 AM
What a great cheerleader squad. Nobody can pump up a crowd like them. I really admire people who can stand up in front of a crowd and lead that wave of excitement.


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