Rep. Eric Swalwell Reacts to State of the Union

Swalwell talked about the economy, immigration and gun control following President Barack Obama's speech Tuesday night.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin) watched his first State of the Union address as a congressman Tuesday night.

The newly elected representative for the 15th congressional district shared his thoughts about President Barack Obama's speech and his views about the issues facing his constituents and the country.

This is what Swalwell said in a press release:

Tonight President Obama presented a vision for America that will move our economy forward and help create jobs. Our economy is on the right track, but more must be done to put us on a sustainable path forward. I will join the President to fight for policies that will strengthen our middle class and pursue balanced deficit reduction measures. The burden of deficit reduction should not be shouldered by the middle class and seniors.

I am proud that in the Bay Area we are an innovation center leading the world in technological achievements, and I commend the President for recognizing the high-growth opportunities in the clean energy sector. As the Ranking Member of the Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Energy with two national laboratories in my district, I believe federal investments in clean energy are smart for our economy and our environment, enabling us to create jobs and address the threat of climate change.

Growing our economy also includes fixing our broken immigration system. We need to allow high-skilled workers educated at American universities an opportunity to stay and help build our economy and create jobs. We also need to create a pathway to citizenship for workers already part of our communities.

Tragically, we have too often had to mourn the victims of mass shootings and as a prosecutor I often saw impact of gun violence on our communities. As the President stated, the time is now to take common-sense measures to reduce gun violence including closing background check loopholes. I am working with my colleagues in the House to ban access to military-style assault rifles, which already exists under California law. 

We have big challenges facing our country, but I have never underestimated our ability to do big things. I am hopeful that Congress will come together to move our economy forward.

What did you think about Obama's speech? Do you agree with Swalwell's response to the State of the Union? Tell us in the comments section.

Paisley February 13, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Now that was a nice post. Rational people can disagree. I hope you are right. For what it is worth. I don't believe you are. Gas is too high too early in the season. Combined with tax increases. But I *really do* hope you are. For all of our sakes. Sadly, if this is a recovery - we get the other side of the hurricane. Inflation.
Terry February 13, 2013 at 11:59 PM
Thanks, and you're right about gas spiking a little early this year. They gouge, er I mean raise prices, every Spring, like clockwork, and this year's spike (if it continues) is on the early side. But, because it happens every year and because prices usually decline by May/June, I just don't think we should worry too much into that one indicator. It doesn't help, for sure, but it happens just about every year and we're much better able to withstand it this year than in the past three. Tax increases don't help either but that was our stimulus money at work. We brought those payroll taxes down when help was needed the most and now they're just returning to where they were before, as planned. If we were headed into unprecedented territory, I'd worry, but that's hardly the case. The Sequester and problems abroad might screw things up, but otherwise we can absorb temporary spikes in gas and the end of a stimulus tax cut.
glenn forslin February 14, 2013 at 06:49 PM
If we do 2 things from that all good things vision of Bama dreams listed, that would be a near miracle, but hopefully is actually possible. 2 things, just pick two. No need to talk about heaven or utopia as we would be living the Bama vision dream. Kum-bye-yah my comrades, as we say here in the golden dreamland. Hey, I wish him (and us) the best - but do two things, not 22... And hopefully one of those things will be to not to give in on the missiles defense deal that he and Putin have already agreed to. If that occurs and missiles are removed, we will engage in another war just as we are winding down the last two. Rule one is to not ever, ever trust a communist (Putin).
DKL February 14, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Mr Swalwell, you say "our economy is on the right track". Are you not aware that the economy CONTRACTED last quarter, and if it does that again this quarter, we are officially back in a recession? Are you not aware that unemployment rates are STILL higher than when Obama took office, and that's not even including all the people who have dropped out of the workforce? Are you not aware that gas prices are the highest they've EVER been at this time of year? The economy is NOT on the right track. Unless of course you live in DC, where the economy is better than just about anywhere else in the country. Has your head gotten that deep in the sand so quickly? You campaigned as a fiscal conservative. How can you make such a statement and maintain your credibility?
Paisley February 15, 2013 at 12:05 AM
Because it's cool to be a parrot these days. He'll say we've turned a corner. Which is pretty much what I think all the Socialists in Europe are saying right now. Meanwhile France contracts .3%, Germany contracts .6%, and Italy .9%. Heck, even Japan contracted 0.4. It will be some amusing math gymnastics if we are revised back up to more than .1. But hey, a printing press is an amazing thing. And the US wanted ever so badly to be just like Europe. Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. But there ya go. Besides - they have to say that. That way they can look dumbfounded, and can sheepishly reach their hands into your pockets. Look, no one could have seen this. I just need some moving around money. It was unexpected! Now give me what is in your pockets.


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