Presidential Debate and Last Day to Register to Vote

Today marks the last installment of the Presidential Debate and is also the last day to register to vote.


The debate between President Obama and Governor Romney tonight will be on Foreign Policy and will air from 9:00pm-10:30pm at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Moderating the debate will be Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS) and the format of the debate will be similar to the first installment.

Another thing to consider  today as we get closer to the Election, is today is the last day to register to vote. If you haven't already, you can visit the Secretary of State's website for information on how to register.

Also check out the Vote in 2012! key dates and reminder page attached to this article.

The first debate was lukewarm. The second debate was on fire. Will the third and last Presidential debate among President Obama and Governor Romney stir up any topics that have strayed from this year's discussions? Will you register to vote? Tell us in the comments below.

Jose October 23, 2012 at 05:20 AM
Zzzzzzz. I made up my mind a long time ago. I voted days ago. The undecided are either drug-addicted or working 3 shifts a day. Yeah, go and try to turn this into a horse race for ratings. Once the votes are cast, the result is determined, but you go ahead and report on the results minute by minute as though the order the results come in has any effect on the ultimate outcome. Thomas E. Dewey is ahead by a neck going into the home stretch, like that bleeping matters. The results are in the ballot boxes and they are what they are. The American populace is about as astute about elections as the Iranians. Thank you John Chancellor and Walter Cronkite for keeping the illiterate up late for a predetermined result.


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