Park District Board Approves Transfer of Funds to Reserves

Updates from the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Here's information provided by the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District:

At a regular meeting Wednesday night, the Board of Directors for the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District approved transfer of the fund balance from fiscal year 2011-2012 to designated reserves for 2012-2013.

Due to various reasons including increased property tax revenue and stronger operational income, LARPD ended 2011-2012 with a fund balance of $814,226. The Board voted to transfer $600,000 of the balance to designated reserves for capital projects, capital equipment, maintenance and replacement, Extended Student Services building replacement and retirement costs. This transfer will bring the District’s reserves to 13.85 percent of the operating budget – up from 10.67 percent. The Board will consider the capital equipment needs as part of the mid-year budget review in February.

The Board also approved adoption of a new retirement formula administered by the Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association. Following the State of California passing pension reform bill, AB 340, the District created a new tier for retirement and approved new rates.

Directors approved a revenue-sharing agreement with the City of Livermore for wireless telecommunication facility leases. In 2007, the Board approved a policy for placing cell towers in District parks; the new agreement affects parks owned by the City that are operated by LARPD. The District would split the revenue with the City earned from leasing property to cell towers. Parks subject to the agreement are Cayetano Park, Ernie Rodriguez Sports Fields, Independence Park, William Payne Park, Robert Livermore Park and May Nissen Park.

The meeting Wednesday night was also the District’s annual December organizational meeting, where Directors approved a 2013 meeting schedule, revisions to the Board Policy Manual and election of Board Officers for 2013. The incoming president will be Maryalice Faltings; vice president will be David Hutchinson.

Also during the meeting, the Board received a staff report on LARPD’s marketing program. Directors were impressed with the depth of activities and were complimentary of the staff’s direction, including using various forms of social media. Staff also gave a presentation on Sycamore Grove Park projects, with details on the restored cattail pond and efforts to seek funding for other projects, such as repaving the trail in the park. Board members expressed their appreciation for staff’s work.

The District commended two of its employees during the meeting, both of whom are retiring at the end of this month. Ranger/Naturalist Supervisor Mike Nicholson joined LARPD in 1982 as a Curator/Naturalist, subsequently serving as Nature Program Coordinator and advancing to his current position in 1986. ESS Coordinator Judy McPherson began her career with the District in 1997 as an ESS Specialist, advancing to her current position in 2000. Directors thanked these employees for their years of dedicated service.

Rich Buckley December 14, 2012 at 03:13 PM
RE: ...."the Board approved a policy for placing cell towers in District parks; the new agreement affects parks owned by the City that are operated by LARPD.".... Perhaps there's a couple of questions about cell towers not fully understood just yet:  http://tinyurl.com/82gjgr6


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