Jack London Boulevard Extension Now Open

West Jack London Boulevard extension between State Route 84/Isabel Avenue to El Charro Road is now open for traffic.

Here's information provided by the City of Livermore:

The new West Jack London Boulevard Extension between SR 84 (Isabel Avenue) to El Charro Road is now open for traffic. West Jack London Boulevard will provide access to the New Paragon Outlet Mall from Livermore when it opens on November 8, 2012. The new Livermore to Pleasanton Trail adjacent to West Jack London Boulevard will be completed by the end of November 2012.

West Jack London Boulevard was built under the El Charro Specific Plan Infrastructure construction project by Ghilotti Construction Company. The total contract amount for the El Charro Specific Plan Infrastructure Project cost approximately $20 million. The extension of the West Jack London Boulevard is a two lane road, approximately 2 miles long, and includes the construction of the vehicular bridge over the Arroyo Las Positas, and a flood conveyance culvert that connects between the Las Positas Golf Course to a new Flood Conveyance Facility west of the roadway. The new West Jack London Boulevard will provide an alternative access to the Paragon Outlet Mall from Livermore without the use of I-580.

Mayor Marchand emphasized that improving transportation infrastructure is a critical need in the City. “This segment will play a vital role in reducing congestion on I-580 and help ease the time it takes residents to get to the Paragon Outlet mall.” Marchand said.

Mike S November 02, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Seriously? Two lanes? LOL, only the City of Livermore would put in a two lane road in an area so vital. I guess it matches the two lane Portola Avenue crossover/extension. Good going bird brains!
Californicated1 November 03, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Considering what is between that shopping center and the rest of town, about the most use that road will get is when traffic is so bad on 580 at that point, then Jack London, along with Pine Street to "L" to Portola may be used by commuters as another alternate commute route to 580, which will probably mean that the folks in northwest Livermore and around Portola Park are not going to like that because of the noise and the safety concerns that the commuter traffic will bring to that part of town. And considering that you have a school on Jack London near Murrietta (at Arlington if I remember right), somebody is going to need to clamp down on the commuter traffic going through there and make sure that they are going through there at a safe speed, otherwise the folks living out there will have the same problems that the folks that live along Concannon have. During the rest of the day, that stretch of Jack London between Isabel and El Charro might not see much use except for the buses, because there still is a lot of nothing out there other than the airport, the sewage plant, some stables for horses, some berms put up for the cement plant down along El Charro and Stanley and not much else. As for Paragon, my first impression still stands--it's pretty isolated from the rest of Livermore, as well as from Dublin across the freeway and even from Pleasanton, which may get more use out of these shops than the folks in Livermore will.
Karen Scott November 04, 2012 at 01:16 AM
I have been a resident in Livermore for 40 years... This is VERY exciting! I am taking the day off to go to Paragon Outlets Thursday! We used to say "Where the Hell is Livermore?" Now... We can say... "there's MORE in Livermore!" LOL LIVERMORE!
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