City Officials Issue Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Animal control officials ask residents to take steps to protect their animals during the holiday.

Livermore Animal Control wants every pet owner to enjoy the 4th of July holiday while keeping their pet(s) safe and secure. 

The fireworks that we humans enjoy watching can cause pets, especially dogs, to panic. Some pets become so frightened they take drastic actions. They can crash through a screen door, jump out of a window, leap over a fence or even go through a fence. 

On July 4th Animal Control Officers will be on duty late into the evening hours to help prevent injuries to stray animals and return lost pets to their owners.

Animal Control wishes to remind pet owners to take measures to make sure their pets are safe. Terrified animals can become confused and disoriented. They may end up miles from home or deep under a neighbor's porch.

Please read the following tips to keep your pets safe: 
  • Make sure all pets, even indoor-only cats, are wearing a collar with an identification tag that includes your name and telephone number. The simple precaution of an ID tag will save a lot of time, anguish, and energy when trying to return a lost pet. 
  • A microchip is a low cost way to identify your pet. Animal Control Officers can scan your pet on the spot and contact you right away. Contact your veterinarian or a vaccination clinic for details. 
  • Although most fireworks are illegal, random fireworks can be heard throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. To help alleviate stress from noisy fireworks, walk your dog in the afternoon. 
  • During the firework display, keep all pets safely inside. Dogs and cats who are agitated should be put into a bathroom or other room with no windows and a secured door. 
  • Turning on the television or a radio with the volume on high, may help drown out the firework sounds. 
  • Remember that screen doors will not stop a charging dog. 
  • In extreme cases, check with your veterinarian about tranquilizers for your pet. 
If Your Pet Becomes Lost 
  • If your pet escapes during the fireworks show, call Livermore Animal Control immediately at 925-371-4987. After the 4th of July, call the East County Animal Shelter at 925-803-7040 7 days a week from 11:30am-5:30pm. 
—Information from the City of Livermore


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