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Livermore Police Officer Rescues Elderly Woman…

Transient Arrested After Biting, Striking Officer

A 42-year-old man was booked into Santa Rita Jail after attacking a Livermore officer.

McGruff he was not. But a transient did his best to take a bite out of crime.

Miguel Villanueva was arrested Monday night after cutting off an officer with his bicycle and later biting him while trying to resist arrest, police said.

Villanueva, 42, was booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernelia, being under the influence of drugs, battery on an officer and citizen, and resisting and delaying an officer, Sgt. Kevin Santin said.

The incident was reported shortly after 10:45 p.m. near the 200 block of Western Avenue, near Lambaren and Olivina avenues, when Villanueva darted in front of a police patrol car while riding a bicycle.

"The officer had to hit his brakes and swerve to avoid hitting (Villanueva)," Santin said.

The officer then attempted to stop Villanueva to give him a warning about a bicycle violation — the transient did not have any lights or was not wearing any reflectors.

Villanueva then got off the bicycle and took off running, triggering a short pursuit, Santin said.

A nearby resident saw what was going on and attempted to stop Villanueva.

The resident, a 44-year-old man, was punched in the face by Villanueva. The officer then tackled the transient to the ground, where fighting continued.

Villanueva struck the officer and bit him in the hand before he was detained, Santin said.

The resident who helped the officer suffered minor injuries. The officer also suffered minor injuries during the scuffle.

Villanueva was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released prior to being booked into jail.

Monday's incident is the latest report of a Livermore officer being attacked this month.

  • On Feb. 10, an . A for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.
  • On Feb. 18, an officer responding to a disturbance at a house party . He suffered a broken leg in the incident.
DH February 29, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Does anybody know what Mr. Villanueva looks like? Sounds like the bearded guy who wears pants over his hands. He is always riding agents traffic or darting through intersections without looking and is clearly not in touch with reality. Best wishes to the officer and helpful citizen for a quick recovery.
RU11550 February 29, 2012 at 04:13 AM
I hope the officer was not seriously injured in this most recent attack. Glad to hear that a citizen stepped in to help out. What is with all the violence lately? LPD sure has their hands full right now.
VJ February 29, 2012 at 06:16 AM
DH are you talking about the guy with the scraggly dark hair and beard? He always reminds me of Charles Manson. He is scary. I wouldn't be surprised if it were him.
Angel February 29, 2012 at 09:06 AM
I don't think he is a transient he cashes a government check at walmart.You can thank Reagan for letting the mentally insane out.
Angel February 29, 2012 at 09:08 AM
I don't think he is a transient he cashes a government check at walmart.You can thank Reagan for letting the mentally insane out.
david February 29, 2012 at 01:17 PM
I really think LPD could benefit by utilizing their batons more effectively on these occasions. Rather than fighting with a suspect it would be safer, for the officer, to ensure the suspect is ready for arrest by knocking some sense into them before the cuffs go on.
Sandy February 29, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Sorry to say but this keeps getting worse. I have had now experienced on several occasions crazy people cussing at me and my kids..... Totally out of the blue. My daughters girl scout troop was downtown last week and a man just out of nowhere called them and the moms a**holes. My daughter turned back to look at him and saw the butt of a gun sticking out of his pants....... of course I reported it. It's just insane that someone like that is carrying a gun around. Whose to know if it's loaded or not? I am so sick of these guys. They are infiltrating our city. Got out of our car the other night .... Going to eat one might last week and there were a good ten adults standing there on the sidewalk in front of Carnegie park just doing their drugs ....... Don't worry about us and these children!!!! God forbid we disturb you!! I'm so sick of calling the police over crap like that I don't even bother Getting to a point where I dread going downtown. The filth, the homeless people..... I seriously do not know how our local businesses just aren't up in arms. I'd rather go shopping in DT Pleasanton Where st least my chances of running into a psychopath swearing at my kids most probably won't happen. I'm tired of tolerating these people. I don't think it's funny at all.
Speedie B February 29, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Unless it's for the Thursday Farmer's Market, we don't go near Carnegie Park. Too many people hanging around looking suspicious. Maybe the city can coordinate more activities there so it drives them out.
Sean February 29, 2012 at 07:43 PM
When is the City council and our Mayor going to adress this issue and give the PD something to help move these people out of town. I know it's not PC to say but I am tired of seeing them doing drugs, making messes, disturbing the public and taking up police time. Offer them some services and assistance and if they don't take it it's time they moved somewhere else. Some of these guys have been a PITA of downtown Livermore for YEARS.
Sandy February 29, 2012 at 10:23 PM
So glad I'm not the only one seeing it and sick of it. Carnegie gets worse every week. It's appalling I have written letters and made phone calls. All I pretty much hear is "well where else are they supposed to go?" Oh yeah..... I forgot. Livermore is the only city for miles that feeds the vagabonds and the folks who should be in a mental institution. And that population is growing exponentially It's going to take that one guy who calls girl scouts vulgar names to their faces to pull that LOADED gun out and shoot an innocent person or child for this city to finally open their eyes and take some seriously overdue action!
wwjd February 29, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Please God save our city.
Mark Tarte March 01, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Angel, you are repeating a myth. Yes, in 1967, then Governor Reagan signed a bi-partisan bill, the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS), which went into effect in 1969. Back then, as Calif went, so did the nation. You have to remember that in the 1960s and 70s, there was a strong "patients-rights" movement and the idea was that in place of forced mental health commitments, there would be community outpatient clinics. The first part of reducing the population went thru, but NIMBY took over in any town where a clinic was proposed to treat the mentally ill.
No Name March 01, 2012 at 02:30 AM
And people support BART coming into our town??? BART will only bring more of this rifraf. And Sandy, don't ever hesitate in calling the police, you might just save somone's life.
hals1 March 01, 2012 at 03:36 AM
This is a good place to bring up Livermore problems as it is being read by Law enforcement and City officials. If they don't pay heed to the citizens they won't get re-elected. These days of Electronic messaging, one person can spread their voice to thousands .
John Harrington March 01, 2012 at 04:19 AM
I agree with you, Sandy. Livermore is really becoming a dump. Wished we had a city council that cared about this more than they do figuring out how to skirt the redevelopment agency appeal and build their Taj Majhal downtown.
Stac March 01, 2012 at 08:24 PM
I've seen him too riding around the middle of the intersection at Murrietta and Stanley. He needs a 1 way ticket to another town...
Charmaine March 02, 2012 at 12:42 AM
If you don't like Livermore MOVE!
jackie March 02, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Thank you Livermore PD for trying to protect us with your hands tied. I hate hearing how many of you are getting hurt.
Sandy March 04, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Charmaine ..... I love Livermore. I have the means to move to Danville or Pleasanton if I wanted to. But I love this city .... I love our friends and our children's friends. I love our school. I love being so close to wente and concannon wineries ..... I see the vineyards and the rolling hills everyday..... I don't want to see the crap coming in and screwing with my kids and our citizens. Our police force are dealing with vagabonds, drunks, druggies, thieves every damn day of the week!! downtown is infiltrated with disgusting people. I've had my kids cussed at numerous times as we are just walking down the street!! Not once not twice......MANY times. If you're ok with that then I'm glad I don't know you. I am speaking out in hopes that we as a community can turn it around. Come together somehow. I don't want to be afraid to walk to the Ale House or walk passed Carnegie park. Get it???
James Buckley March 04, 2012 at 04:42 PM
And I hope you are the first recipient of your beat down arrest plan via mistaken identity. Is your family tree German by any chance ?
Bryon Bruce March 06, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
JD March 06, 2012 at 11:46 PM
I've almost hit this guy with my vehicle on numerous occasions; I feel like he haunting me or something. I'm glad if finally happened to a cop so this guy was arrested but I'm sure he will be back. I'm sorry the cop and the resident we harmed but better them than him running over a young child or something with his bike, I think the guy has a death sentence. He rides down the middle of Airway on the wrong side of the street or down the middle. I'm tired too of all the filth and people panhandling. I agree with Sandy lets put an end to all this non sense.
Local March 07, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Livermore is going to hell in a handbag!! I've lived here 25 years and every year it gets more crowded with hoodlums, bums and gang-banging losers. It used to be a really safe town!! I don't feel safe at night anymore. I feel like I should carry a damn gun around with me! I love this city, but moving away is becoming more and more tempting every year. But then again, look at Oakland, Tracy, Stockton, Manteca, Modesto, etc..... Livermore is a hell of a lot better...but not for long!!
Joe Granada March 07, 2012 at 06:49 PM
If this is who I think it is, then he's back out on the street. Saw him riding his bike through the crosswalk at the intersection of Stanley and Murrieta yesterday, forcing a pedestrian to jump out of the crosswalk to keep from getting run over.
Concerned resident March 12, 2012 at 11:47 PM
I have never left a comment on any website in my life, until now. I love living in Livermore, I work downtown and used to love spending weekend time downtown. However, as of about 2 years ago the transient/homeless/mentally disturbed individuals have become such a problem we often avoid downtown. Even walking with my husband there are times I feel unsafe. It is unfortunate this problem isn't being addressed immediately. Our City council shouldn't be talking about 2,000 seat theaters, BART, etc. until we clean up our city. Just the other day I wanted to sit in the sun on the park bench next to Peet's coffee and I felt unsafe doing so because there were so many of these individuals hanging out in that area. It's really too bad, that our own residents are uncomfortable/afraid to be downtown.
Michael D. Brown July 08, 2012 at 08:53 PM
So who is them? right thereis the problem, your lumping all the homeless together, I know you have never seen me doing drugs or making messes, some services would be great, in fact the Open heart Kitchen does an amazing job of providing hot showers and meals, but they can only do what they can, there are a lot of people just trying to make it day to day and it bothers me that your lumping us all together, a lot of the younger people that hang around Carnegie Park are not homeless believe it or not, most of the one's who are usually stick to themselves and try to avoid trouble.


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