Police Log: Stolen Vehicles; No Bail For Golf Coach

Drug dealer bust, and more from Dec. 1 to 7.

The Livermore golf coach arrested Saturday on multiple charges of sexual abuse of minors is incarcerated on a no-bail status atSanta Rita Jail, Dublin, according to court records.

Andrew Nisbet, 31, facing 65 counts of sexual abuse and assault following an investigation by the Livermore Police Department, was arrested the day before he was to receive the 2013 Junior Golf Leader Award at the Contra Costa Country Club.

Nisbet was director of instruction at Los Positas Golf Club and the founder of GRIP Academy, which drew students from throughout the East Bay. Las Positas Golf terminated Nisbet’s employment immediately after learning of the arrest, police said. 

Read more on the case here.

If anyone has information about this case, they are encouraged to call the Livermore police at (925) 294-7531. Those who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

Saturday, Dec. 7
  • Vehicle reported stolen 6 p.m. on 5700 East Avenue.
  • Possession of controlled substances reported: 2:13 a.m. on 6400 Southfront Road.
  • Battery reported 12:04 a.m. First Street at South Livermore Avenue.
  • Warrant arrests: 8:08 a.m. on 2100 First Street; 11:29 a.m. on 1300 block of Berlin Way.
  • Homeless Man Found Dead in Dublin, Coroner Investigating.  
Friday, Dec. 6
  • Car break-in: 11:30 p.m. on 600 block of Tina Way.
  • DUI: 2:06 a.m. along 1100 East Stanley Boulevard.
  • Court-order violation reported 3:39 p.m. on 300 North I Street.
Thursday, Dec. 5
  • Vehicles reported stolen: 3 a.m. Railroad AVenue at North L Street; 3:04 p.m. on 4300 Las Positas Road; 3:15 p.m. on 5700 Southfront Road.
  • Theft of motor vehicle parts: 3 a.m. on 100 South L Street.
  • Narcotics possession: 9:50 p.m. on 800 Airway Boulevard.
  • Motorist with marijuana: 7:36 a.m. along 2700 Whitehall Court. 
Wednesday, Dec. 4
  • Residential burglaries: 1 p.m. along 1200 Notre Dame Court; 7:59 p.m. along 400 Swan Drive.
  • Commercial burglary: 6 p.m. on 2000 First Street.
  • Car break-ins: 10 p.m. on 5900 Preston Avenue; 5:21 p.m. on 100 Vineyard Avenue.
  • Warrant arrest: 9:20 p.m. on 2600 Kelly Street.
  • Use/influence of controlled substances: 9:17 p.m. on 900 Murrieta Boulevard.
  • Shoplifting: 8:45 a.m. on 1500 First Street.
  • Possession of stolen property: 5:30 p.m. West Jack London Boulevard at Paragon Outlets Drive.
  • Domestic battery reported on the 900 block of Bluebell Drive 1:34 a.m.    
Tuesday, Dec. 3
Monday, Dec. 2
  • Residential burglary: 12:01 a.m. on 2300 Rock Point Place.
  • Car break-in: 8 a.m. on 1300 South Livermore Avenue.
  • Stolen vehicle recovered 6:43 p.m. North I and Chestnut streets.
  • Domestic battery reported: 10 p.m. on 100 block of Lloyd Street; 9:20 p.m. on 6500 Southfront Road.
  • Use/influence of controlled substances: 12:15 a.m. Fourth and Holmes streets; 11:14 p.m. First Street at Portola Avenue.
  • Public intoxication: 3:54 p.m. on 1100 East Stanley Boulevard.
  • Controlled substances possession: 8:42 p.m. Adelle Street at Ora Avenue.   
Sunday, Dec. 1
  • Commercial burglary: 5:05 a.m.on 3600 East Avenue.
  • Car break-in: 7:45 p.m. on 1800 North Livermore Avenue.
  • Thefts: 3:50 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. on 3100 Paragon Outlets Drive.
  • Domestic assaults reported: 1:19 a.m. on the 1900 block of Aster Lane; 8:56 a.m. along 800 North M Street.
  • Court-order violation: 12:20 p.m. on 700 block South N Street.
  • Possession of controlled substances: 11:48 p.m. East Avenue at Vasco Road.
  • Use/influence of controlled substances: 4:11 a.m. on 7700 Southfront Road.   


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