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Livermore Soccer Camp Coach Arrested of Suspicion …

Fallen Financier/Bikini-Party Host Arrested on Attempted Murder Charge

Former mortgage broker apprehended at his king-sized mansion in Livermore.

A Livermore car salesman, once a high-rolling mortgage broker and bodybuilding champ known for his Playboy Mansion-ish pool parties, was arrested at his home Tuesday night on an attempted murder charge.

William Richard Hogarty, 48, was arrested by Alameda County Sheriff's deputies at 10:48 p.m. at his residence on the 7000 block of Morgan Territory Road in unincorporated Livermore on an attempted murder charge, according to court records.

He is being held without bail at the in Dublin, pending an arraignment at 11 a.m. Friday in the in Pleasanton, records state.

Hogarty, once head of Pleasanton-based mortgage and real estate outfits Olympia Funding Inc., OF Lending Group Inc. and Gold Star Realty and Investment Inc., reportedly was stripped by state officials in 2011 of his real estate affiliations, according to news articles.

Sources familiar with the July 3 arrest but who declined to be named, said Hogarty, holder of a "Mr. California 2004" bodybuilder title, is accused of attacking a male friend at his Morgan Territory estate.

Sheriff's officials were unavailable to comment or to confirm details.

Hogarty is a principal in his family-run Hogarty Auto Sales and Service, formerly Integrity 1 Auto Sales, on First Street in Livermore, according to an April .   

But aside from his automotive and defunct financial operations, Hogarty's most recent reputation stems from his frequent, lavishly themed Vegas-style pool parties, complete with entertainment, dancing, liquor sponsors, VIP cabanas and entrance fees.

At his 92-acre hilltop home, dubbed "The Mansion" in promotional ads, Hogarty reportedly attracted massive crowds to such bashes as his October 2011 "Fallen Angels Lingerie and Pajama Affair," his July 2009 "Mansion Pool Party," and the recent "White Party" held in April. 

Apparently still on the calendar and being promoted online: a July 14 "Moulin Rouge: Burlesque and Lingerie Affair," and a July 28 "Spoil Me Rotten Breast Cancer Awareness Pool Party.

A Tri-Valley taxi driver, who shuttled many fares to the mansion events, recalled being overwhelmed at the number of partygoers. The parking area, said the cabbie, "looked like a mall."

Hogarty's court appearance Friday is in Dept. 701.

William Hogarty October 26, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Hello AW This is William Hogarty Your comments are very bold Scams for years, ect. What gives you the right to judge me. I have had an amazing life and career and a VERY lucky person All the haters like you will never change that.
William Hogarty October 26, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Michelle Each of our parties had over 1,000 people who had ALOT of fun. Yes I made money. What is embarrassing about that?
William Hogarty October 26, 2012 at 11:15 PM
DR I have never swindled any one or anthing. The internet is far from the truth I helped over 100,000 people with their mortgage needs. What did you do. I accept 22 people are upset, none of which worked directly with me. Whats gives you the right to judge me?
William Hogarty October 26, 2012 at 11:18 PM
DR Who do I own money to. Dont hide behind "DR"? I have paid everyone that I have owed money to. Also my liceanse was not revolked, I surrendered it. If you going to judge get your facts right. My desk, one time, never a hole in a wall. What have you accomplished in your life?
William Hogarty October 26, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Bellaseanna: My children and I have a very close and loving relationship. I am often the only father at their games ect. I am more than willing to meet any time with my wife and girls, if you care to see for your self.


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