Man Convicted of Second-Degree Murder for 2002 Strangulation, Drowning of Livermore Woman

Bryan Vulgamore faces 15 years to life in state prison when he is sentenced.

A Modesto man was convicted of second-degree murder today for the strangulation and drowning death of a 24-year-old woman in Livermore 12 years ago.
Bryan Vulgamore, 38, who was dressed in a gray suit, shook his head in apparent disagreement when an Alameda County Superior Court jury announced its verdict against him after deliberating for more than two days.
Vulgamore, also known as Bryan Davis, was convicted for the Jan. 8, 2002, death of 24-year-old Cecilia Garcia, who was found drowned in a running shower at her home in the 600 block of Mayten Drive with her nose smashed and what appeared to be strangulation marks on her neck.
Prosecutor Mark Melton said he believes Vulgamore first strangled Garcia and then pushed her face down into the shower in an attempt to remove DNA evidence. Melton said it's unclear if Garcia died from being strangled or from drowning in the shower.
He said if she was still alive after she was choked, she must have been unconscious because she drowned in only four inches of water, which indicates that she was incapacitated and wasn't able to get out of the shower.
Vulgamore's lawyer, Brian Hong, told jurors during the trial that there was "no physical evidence connecting Mr. Vulgamore to Cecilia Garcia's death."
A key witness in the case was Vulgamore's former friend Tony Gregorio, who Melton said initially gave Vulgamore an alibi but later retracted it and told police that Vulgamore admitted to him that he killed her.
However, Hong said Gregorio doesn't remember most of what he told police in 2002 since his memory is unreliable. Hong said that in 2002, Gregorio had been taking large quantities of methamphetamine daily for seven years and also used other drugs.
Vulgamore wasn't arrested in connection with Garcia's death until January 2010. Livermore police said cellphone records, witness statements and admissions by Vulgamore to police and other witnesses tied him to Garcia's death.
Garcia's many family members who attended the trial cried tears of joy when the verdict against Vulgamore was announced. But Vulgamore's mother reacted angrily, yelling, "It's just so unreal, it's just so wrong."
Vulgamore's mother said jurors "don't know" what really happened because Melton didn't tell them everything.
Judge Vernon Nakahara then ordered bailiffs to take Vulgamore's mother out of the courtroom and arrest her. Speaking on behalf of Garcia's family, Aaron Cortez, the husband of Garcia's cousin, Regina Cortez, said, "We've been praying that the jury would make the right choice. Hopefully we will get some closure out of this." But Cortez said, "It's been 12 years and even though we have justice now, nothing will bring back our loved one."
Among Garcia's family members who were present today was her daughter, who was 8 years old when Garcia was killed and is now 20. Melton said, "I'm really gratified for the family because they've been waiting for 12 years to see justice for Cecilia. It's been a long journey in this case."
Vulgamore faces 15 years to life in state prison when he is sentenced by Nakahara on Aug. 14.

—By Bay City News
Betty June 07, 2014 at 02:30 AM
I have always had faith in the criminal justice system until these past four years. On Jan 13 2010 Bryan Davis/Vulgamore was arrested for a 2002 murder. From 2002 until 2010 their was no new evidence in this case. It took four years and 3 D.A.s . pleasanton court jurisdiction moved to Hayward and finally to Oakland. Our family spent the last four weeks every single day listening to testimony and evidence in this case. From the scene being released as an accident to 30 plus family members and friends roaming and congregating in the home. Compromising the scene To the next day being considered a crime scene because a coroner believed suspicious do to age of the person. And still waiting another day to gather any evidence. Testimony clearly showing untruthfulness by many detectives and witnesses alike. Where by cross referencing police reports, search warrant affidavit and witness interviews back in 2002 that have now changed in 2014. For which taped interviews are missing. A main witness who in 2002 was interviewed 12 to 14 hours and at that time states Bryan confessed to him. 3 different times during that interview his story changed 3 times. In 2009, 2010 and at a prelim in 2012 this same witness stated he lied. He was still put on the stand this past weeks. In 2012 and in this trial he stated he was threatened harassed and fed information about the case. At one point even stating He said he told them what he wanted to hear, He professed in 2012 and these past weeks to being a crack addict for 8 years before and during the time of Jan 8 2002. Smoking an 8 ball a day. Also being with the nortanial gang. Another witness lied stating Bryan came to her home wet on that day at a certain time. When several other people saw him elsewhere. This is just a little piece of What we have had to sit through and what has transpired. We spent all most an entire day learning about DNA when their was no DNA evidence. In listening to the coroners report and listing to the D A ask if strangulation and or rape was possible and the coroner saying it could be with no evidence of rape and no evidence of strangulation was just unfathomable to all of us sitting and listening to this. A D. A giving his own timeline when he could of shown phone records to prove otherwise. I have not mentioned yet that the head detective a Mr Garrison of Livermore had crewshal evidence locked in an evidence locker for which he was the only one with the key. Only to be missing. 15 audio video tapes of interviews with people who saw and new Bryan on that day. Including 5 DVD of the main witnesses interview which the police say was only 6 hours. When a women from the D O E who was their said the witness was interviewed 12 to 14 hours. He had asked many times if he could leave. By the way when asked why her report doesn't match that of the detective she stated it was videos so she only took notes for her boss. That DVD also gone. In hearing the judges constant over ruling disturbing at best. Never have we ever heard a judge re question witnesses with his own synopsis. More have we ever heard a judge not stop a witness on the stand ask the defendant a question. We heard that the jury should not read any papers only to hear Mr. Melton (D.A) quote himself reading a newspaper article to the jury. In Mr Melton's closing arguments especially speaking about DNA evidence and the coroners statements and reports we thought we were in the wrong court room. Every single rule to the jury was spot on for this case. Only for the jury to go against every single one. Convicting somebody of murder in the second degree. Professed drug addicts,missing evidence, witnesses that were not credible and detective reports all conflicting and a contaminated crime scene. Other videos testimonies and phone records with held. Peoples rights being violated. All this in the transcripts and now a matter of record. May God help us all. This judicial system is BROKEN.
Jose Chavez June 07, 2014 at 02:12 PM
Desert Rat June 08, 2014 at 09:59 PM
Voldemort was convicted? About time! But seriously, thanks for keeping it short and sweet Jose. Unlike the previous diatribe that put me to sleep five sentences in.
phonybettydavis June 10, 2014 at 02:23 PM
But betty you claimed early on you were not family to the suspect hmmmm what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve.


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