Share Tips on How to Deter Burglars From Entering Your Home

Residents are on high alert in the wake of recent residential break-ins and Tuesday's home-invasion robbery at a south Livermore neighborhood. Here are a few tips on how neighbors are fighting back against crime.

Neighborhoods are on high alert in the . only added fuel to the fire. Residents are now investing in home alarms and other measures to deter burglars from striking their homes.

left the following comment on our article covering the :

"The good people of our communities need to band together for the greater good of our communities and overrun the scurge."

Anyone down with this movement? If so, let's get the ball rolling here and discuss other ways to deter burglars from entering your home and keeping crime away from your neighborhood.

Here's what some residents and Patch readers are doing to combat the recent break-ins:

  • locking gates with padlocks
  • keeping valuables out of sight (in vehicles)
  • cutting PVC pipes to fit all windows and sliding glass doors for an exact fit
  • upgrading locks and placing dead bolts in windows and doors
  • installing motion light detectors
  • mounting cameras at entrances
  • purchasing home alarms
  • getting watch dogs

Some neighborhoods are also checking for solicitor permits. Residents say it's mandatory for anyone soliciting door-to-door to be registered with the city.

Folks also are jotting down and/or photographing license plates of any suspicious vehicles in the area.

In addition, residents are starting active neighborhood watch groups.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood you can contact Nicole Aguon with the at 925-371-4978.

If you would like to join the Springtown/Vasco/Scenic area Neighborhood Watch, contact at katlaing@comcast.net.

One last tip. Report any suspicious activity and any unusual persons, cars and behavior in your neighborhood to police by calling the non-emergency line at 925-371-4900.

What measures are you taking to help prevent burglars from breaking into your home? Have any suggestions on how Livermore Patch can help? Tell us in the comments section below.

Bay Area Patch Reader June 07, 2012 at 09:16 PM
You are right, Herb! Communicate with your neighbors, call the police regarding ANYTHING you see (all that you listed above). I had a resident attend my neighborhood watch meeting that said she called the police about everything, but especially the suspected gang members that lived across the street from her. The police soon had a log of calls regarding this one address and the landlord was able to evict them. Be sure to report any graffiti you see so it can be removed. Let the gang members get the hint that they're not wanted without you having to use any firearms :o)
Herb Russell June 07, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Unfortunately Patch Reader, there is no physical address I can link these people to. I know where they hang out but that's about it. The Police are well aware of the crime on our street. And it's not so much Silver Oaks Way that's the problem, it's the location being right next to the tracks. People come from the ther side of town, commit crimes and then take a quick 2 minute jog and can be literally miles away from a cars' perspective. So to be wrangled up from the cops would be difficult considering how far they'd have to drive to apprehend the suspects. There is a neighborhood watch sign on our street but the kids usually smoke pot right next to it, ironically. There's also a house on Madeira that traffics something and the suppliers and patrons are dealt with from the back yard which happens to be on Silver Oaks. How I know this? Well I haven't always been a saint! LOL! It's just that this street happens to be geographically convenient to the crime element on this side of town.
Jim Chu June 20, 2012 at 09:43 AM
Herb, if you observe what you think is drug trafficking, you should call LPD and report it. Why? Because after several reports the landlord WILL evict the troublemakers. My friend lives over on Pine St. and the residents of a house there were dealing. It took several complaints over the course of a year, but those people are now gone. Yes, it takes time, but it's better than doing nothing. And don't count the cops out if the criminals cross the tracks. There's a saying that, "you can't outrun Motorola." Police will use radio to get help on the other side of the tracks. Don't just do nothing. By calling in crimes or suspected crimes, you at least give LPD a better idea where they need to devote resources, even if they don't always catch the criminals.
Stella B July 02, 2012 at 08:37 AM
Strikemaster ll may be hard to kick in, but everyone of the punks has bump keys for just about every kind of lock, they get the specs for the key cuts off of u-tube, they put the bump key in the lock tip it down WHACK it with a shoe and BAM, they're in. The whole process takes no more than 20 seconds and is relatively quiet, the shoe somewhat muffles the sound. Cameras, if they know they are there, these guys are criminals, they will figure a way around cameras if they want your stuff bad enough. Lots of motion lights and a dog that loves you are going to get better results in my opinion. Not many criminals can handle barking dogs or being in the spotlight, their first thought when this happens is to run.........
Stella B July 02, 2012 at 09:32 AM
people, having guns means you have to be willing to use it, do you really think you would shoot someone, or would they steal the gun from you too? Be real, guns are a bit extreme and there are a lot of people out there who really shouldnt even touch a gun because they dont even have a clue how to use it. Lots of motion lights,...any one who is up to no good will run when the place lights up like a stadium.... and dogs, it really isnt the particular breed but how you bond with your dog. My opinion is that pretty much any dog, any size, will by instinct, protect you or at least bark like crazy if they are shown love. If you have a loving bond between you, a dog will do what it feels it has to when protecting the ones who they love, Dogs have been known to do amazing things when helping/protecting their loved ones. As far as expensive locks and cameras, and alarms, Hello......they are CRIMINALS.... if they want what you have they will figure a way around these things, and it doesnt take long at all. They have bump keys, which the specs can be found on you tube, a bump key and whacking it with a shoe, it takes 20 seconds and makes very little noise. cameras, they avoid em, use disguises, will block them, distroy them, or even steal them..... and alarms, they are in and out so fast, by the time the cops get there they are long gone and already on to the next crime by then. We are talking about CRIMINALS, they dont care.


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