Firefighters Knock Down 2 Grass Fires in Livermore

The cause of the fires is not yet known.

LIVERMORE, Ca: Small fire on Las Positas Court. Photo Credit: BC P. Legasa
LIVERMORE, Ca: Small fire on Las Positas Court. Photo Credit: BC P. Legasa
Firefighters battled two separate vegetation fires near Las Positas Court in Livermore on Friday night,  fire officials said.

"The first fire was reported at 10:23 p.m., and the second fire was reported at 12:45 a.m.," Livermore Pleasanton Fire Battalion Chief Paul Legasa said. "Both incidents had multiple areas of origin."

Legasa says multiple residents from the Portola Meadows neighborhood reposted both fires. The cause of the fires is currently under investigation. One acre of grass burned between the two fires.

Did you see the smoke or fires from your home? Tell us in the comments section.
Robert June 09, 2014 at 01:13 AM
KTVU just reported on this-I hope we do NOT have a fire bug in our midst!
Eric H June 11, 2014 at 01:55 AM
I am not suggesting that the individual that was picked up is in fact guilty, that is why we have judges and juries… Enough on that. I am of the opinion that arson is one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed. It is not a victimless crime, someone will get hurt. If there is any truth to the suggestion that they may have the arsonist, I contend the person should go to lock-up, no bail (regardless of their age) and receive a speedy trial. If found guilty, they receive heavy counseling until the professionals are able to establish the person is safe to return to society. And we do not take into account cost to the taxpayer. Nothing less. And as a side note, same is true for rape, murder and so on. No plea out, time off for good behavior, do the Crime, do the Time! Imagine this, what if the fire had not been contained, moved on to a house, with young kids in it or someone’s grandmother or disabled vet. Outcome could have been much worse. To the people that responded and acted above the call of duty, this citizen thanks you for your responsiveness.


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