“Working” in Your Weekly Exercise

Exercising at or close to work makes fitness convenient.

Look at these beautiful, happy faces. Notice their strong, lean bodies. They’re at work.

Worksite wellness has come a long way since I started my business in the late 90s. Almost every large company now has either an onsite exercise facility, individual classes in specific rooms or discounted arrangements with local gyms or fitness studios. There’s a good reason: Happy, healthy employees are a good investment.

The picture is from the twice-weekly fusion (cardio, strength and core combined) class I teach at a local medical device company in Pleasanton. It has been so successful that we’re going on our third year with a solid following. The class format was the inspiration for my studio’s small group training program. This video gives you an idea of the fun we have both at these workplace classes and at the studio.

So what if you don’t already have an exercise program on campus or your company is too small to provide the space or the money for the class? There are always options:

  • Many local gyms have lunchtime exercise classes. Try to find one close to your work that also has shorter classes so you can get in and out between noon and 1pm.
  • Fitness trainers in the area are often available to come into your company and do a class in a designated area. I have done that both with the company partially or fully subsidizing the class and with employees sharing the cost of bringing the trainer to the company.
  • Some local fitness studios (like ours) offer a monthly membership with unlimited access to multiple class times each week for maximum schedule flexibility. This is ideal for folks who travel frequently.

If you don’t have an onsite program or class but there is interest at your company, meet with your human resources department and see what can be “worked out”. Contact me if you’d like referrals for experienced, skilled trainers and instructors who may be available.

Then “work it out”!


Dan is a nationally certified personal fitness trainer and former continuing education faculty member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. He is the owner and head trainer at Tri Valley Trainer in Pleasanton, which provides personal training, small group fitness and nutrition guidance. He can be reached at Dan@TriValleyTrainer.com


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