Leadership Livermore Program Starts in September

Get an inside look into our great city during the Livermore Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Livermore program, which start this month. There are still a few spots left, but you have to register quickly.

Have you ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of Livermore's inner workings like law enforcement, city government or our school system? Have you wanted to climb a fire ladder up to a third story window or feel the power in your hands when aiming a fire hose? Would you like a tour of to see first-hand what the giant NIF laser looks like? How about an insider look into our wineries and see how wine is made?

If any of this piques your interest, the Leadership Livermore program from the Livermore Chamber of Commerce will give you all this and so much more.

The bad news? It's starting this month, and there are only a few spots left.

Leadership Livermore Program

The Livermore Chamber of Commerce limits each year's class to 25 participants. I was privileged to be part of the class a couple years ago, and I learned so much about Livermore that I honestly hadn't ever really thought too hard about. It gave those of us in the class an up-close look into areas that most of us never get to see.

Karen Long, from Wells Fargo said, "This was the most informative program that I have ever taken. The variety of each month was well rounded in all fields of business, government and arts. This gave me the knowledge of things going on in the city that I never knew existed."

Once a month, from September through May, participants of the Leadership Livermore program spend a day learning from different people and touring facilities around the city. On Government Day, the group is taken to Sacramento to meet with our representative in the state.

It's also a fantastic way to meet and get to know leaders and business owners in the community, and broaden the connections you already have. If you're a new business owner, and employee or just someone who wants to learn more, everyone benefits.

Gloria Jam, from LARPD said, "The program is a valuable resource to the community and creates an increased understanding of salient social, economic and cultural aspects of the Tri-Valley. It has offered a multitude of networking opportunities and offered a new way of interacting with the community."

Leadership Livermore Curriculum

A quick summary of the Leadership program includes:

  • Leadership Journey - Hear about local Livermore history and experience aspects of the city you might have never known before.
  • Local Government Day - Learn how the city works behind the scenes, and have lunch with Mayor Marshall Kamena. You'll participate in a mock city council meeting with a real issue facing the city.
  • Education Day - Speakers from the will talk about the curriculum, fiscal issues and give an overview of the district. A tour of concludes the day.
  • Safety and Judicial Law Day - You'll have the rare opportunity to spend the day with your local firefighters and police officers. Afterwards, tour the Alameda County courtroom and watch the judge preside over some actual cases, tour the jail and get insight into our judicial system.
  • National Lab Day - Get a glimpse of what happens inside the walls of the laboratories that give Livermore so much publicity around the world.
  • State Government Day - The class will take a field trip to Sacramento to meet with the area's Assemblyperson and State Senator. After a tour of the Capital building you sit in on a committee meeting or a meeting of legislature.
  • Viticulture and Agriculture Day - Explore The Livermore Valley Wine Country and the history of agriculture and viticulture in Livermore. You will tour wineries, have conversations with the winemakers and understand the production of olive oil in Livermore.
  • Big Business Day - Learn about some distinctive businesses located in Livermore and tour multiple large business campuses throughout the city that are truly unique.
  • Health and Human Resources Day - Learn about health and human service programs in the Livermore area, along with visits to the various agencies. You will see how essential these services are to the overall health of the community.

I'm really glad I got to participate, and recommend that you consider this invaluable program.

To find out more or get signed up, visit the Livermore Chamber website or call Martha Espinoza at 925-447-1606.


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