Carnegie Moto Madness with MythBusters

Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage brave the heat for episode airing this fall.

Not much activity around Carnegie off-road park on Friday — except a film crew from “MythBusters” setting up an episode set to air this fall on The Discovery Channel.

While technically in Tracy, the off-road park located off Tesla Road has always had a strong Livermore connection.

It was blistering hot on Friday, so the crew came out early in the morning to set up the action shots with a mini-version of the actual motorcycle stunt.

“Not too exciting today,” said one crewmember when I trekked out to the park, only to discover I’d just missed hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.

And indeed, there was no big stunt action going on, just a small crew running mini-tests over and over near the mini-track for kids and the 4X4 course.

Although I was asked not to give specifics so the episode wouldn’t be spoiled, it’s not a big reach to say that if they were at the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area, there’s a possibility off-road activity could be involved.

According to the show’s publicist, the crew with hosts Jamie and Adam were shooting a segment on high-powered motorbikes. The show has done quite a number of episodes on motorcycles, including a controversial one questioning if it is better for the environment to drive a car or a motorcycle.

But while the hosts made it an early day, the crew stuck around until late in the afternoon. Before they wrapped it up near the end of the day, they even enlisted the sprinkling of die-hard motorcyclists out enjoying the park to play background color.

“Mythbusters” are frequent visitors to the East Bay, and have done several segments around the Valley. This one went off without the big bang associated with their in Dublin.

Back in December, an experiment went awry after the crew set up an experiment involving shooting a cannonball at a target range. The metal orb took a bad hop and ripped through the nearby neighborhood.

Which led to questioning the crew about being so close to .

“I guess that’s where you would think we would be,” one said with a smile.

Maybe next time.

Shelley Buchberger June 20, 2012 at 01:54 AM
These guys are everywhere. My daughter and her friend took their babies and theighten r strollers for a walk in Sycamore Grove and endedd up in an episode. Too fun
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