Diet and Exercise - The Microwave Popcorn and Beer Diet (Seriously)

Ninety days into your routine and twenty to thirty pounds less fat on your body, you will be able to pork out at the office pot-lucks and it will not stick to you.

If you are a nutritionist, medical doctor or health and fitness professional, you probably will not agree with what I write in this blog regarding health and fitness, diet and exercise.

If you are not into exercise but want to lose weight and are no longer a teenybopper, I recomend the following fun diet.

Continue your normal daily routine and activity from getting out of bed in the morning, eating your normal breakfast, whatever it is, plus eight hours at the office, and eating your normal lunch, whatever it is.

Skip your dinner, no matter what it has been. In place of the dinner, microwave a bag of popcorn and drink one or two beers — two beers max. If you drink more than two beers, this diet will not work. After thirty days, you will lose ten pounds. You will notice the weight starting to come off in seven to ten days.

If you are a beer drinker, this diet will require great discipline. This diet considers you are continuing with your normal daily routine over the thirty days.

We burn calories while we sleep just like a car burns gas when it is idling. The microwave popcorn and beer diet will enable you to burn calories you have not burned before while you sleep. Previously, you burned calories from your dinner. By skipping dinner, your body will find new calories to burn.

If you are into exercise, fifty years of age or younger, I recomend the following exercise routine and diet.

For breakfast, do not consume anything around the house. Pack your lunch. It should consist of up to five servings of fruit, as in one apple, one orange, one banana, a small dish of cantaloupe or watermelon, or a couple pieces of other type of fruit — grapes, plums, etc.

Go to a donut shop near your work, purchase two donuts and a large cup of coffee for breakfast. Sit down, eat the donuts and drink the coffee, or take them to your office. Be a little early. For your lunch, consume the fruit you packed.

If you have an hour lunch break, take your bike to work using bike rack on your car and bike on your lunch break, and eat your five pieces of fruit before or after your lunch break. After work, go for a ten-kilometer run or a twenty-five mile bike ride. After your one-hour workout, go home.

On your weekend, take one day to squeeze in a fifty-mile bike ride, and go on a ten-kilometer run the other weekend day. Or, run a ten-kilometer run and bike twenty five miles each day.

Slow cooking (crock pot cooking) is an excellent time-saving way to prepare a large meal or to have left over dinner for several days.

Sunday morning, place a whole chicken in the crockpot, peel several potatos, throw in a sliced onion, chopped garlic or any other delight.

If you have children, you may wish to consider crockpot cooking during the week so you have time for your physical fitness routine.

I recomend the following routine for men and woman age 50 and younger. Run twenty five miles every week and bike fifty miles every week. Within ten days, you will notice the weight coming off. Once it starts, it comes off fast as long as you maintain the routine. The key is you are burning up more calories than you are taking in.

Within sixty days, a 175-pound man will weigh in at 140 pounds, and a 130-pound woman will weigh in at 110 pounds.

You will notice an increase in the number of daily bowel movements — three or more each day because of your diet. Ninety days into your routine and twenty to thirty pounds less on your body, you will be able to pork out at the office pot-lucks and it will not stick to you.

Also, walking is an excellent way to burn calories. Walk and hike the many trails and hills in the area. Eat a lot of fruit, fish, and chicken. Eat fresh vegetable salads and fresh fruit salads, and instead of margaine and butter on your toast, use honey and sprinkle cinnamon on it.

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Dan Taylor April 16, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Research? Expertise? Profile-specific exercise recommendations? This is the kind of thing that docs, RDs and fitness pros spend far too much of their time debunking. You can lose weight by eating a balanced diet, or by eating a filling (mostly fiber and water in the case of the diet above), nutrient-poor diet. The advantages of the balanced diet that are sorely lacking in the one above are vastly improved overall health and lower risk of major diseases. Sorry - this is not remotely good advice.
Douglas Linman April 16, 2013 at 06:26 PM
Dan I am with you. This is not a prudent and rational diet to follow, maybe a wild dorm room idea convenience to a select few, but certainly not for sustainable health and diet. The microwave popcorn and oil alone is already damaging to your body, the rest of it is not rationally structured for any safe, healthy and repeatable success.


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