There is something about Mary Hayashi

A new attack mailer highlights Hayashi's shoplifting conviction. Take a look.


Just last year, California Assembly Member Mary Hayashi was convicted of stealing over $2,000 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco.  She made excuse after excuse (she was distracted and forgot to pay for the items, she had a brain tumor) but her movements were observed and filmed from the moment she came into the store, and the story she told the media was clearly a lie.  The San Francisco Sheriff’s department has refused to release the tape, but the police report about the incident describes all her movement within the store.

Like many, I thought that was the end of her political career – but the woman has chutzpah and she’s now running for Alameda County Supervisor.  What’s worse is that she has a very good chance of winning.

Her opponent, Richard Valle, has been unwilling to bring up her shoplifting conviction.  Whether that’s strategic or because it conflicts with his ethical values, I don’t know.  There have been nary a public criticism of Mary’s actions by any Democratic officials.  Indeed, when the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC) interviewed the candidates, I was the only member who asked asked Mary a question referring to her shoplifting.  Even then, the question had to be very subtle for the party chair to consent to asking it.

During the discussion period, several ACDCC members praised Valle, but once again none of them was willing to say anything negative about Mary.  I was the only one to point out that her dishonesty brings shame to the party.  Valle got the endorsement, but that alone won’t guarantee him a victory.

I don’t know why there is such a reluctance among democrats to criticize Mary publicly, but I can guess that it’s because she is still very powerful and has the reputation of being vindictive.  Everyone fears the political consequences of becoming her enemy.  I understand.  As payment for my words, Hayashi made a point of voting for the endorsement of a City Council candidate that’s running against Chris Crow, the candidate I support.  She did not cast a vote on most other races.

Finally one group has been willing to bring up the issue of her conviction into the Supervisor race.  Mary has received copious campaign contributions from the medical industry and has paid them back by broadening doctor’s monopoly on health issues.  This has specially harmed physical therapists, who are now hitting back.  They’ve sent out a mailer to registered voters “featuring the convicted shoplifter from Sacramento” with the headline “There is something about Mary.” 

And there is.

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Dan Arnhem November 06, 2012 at 05:18 PM
So, Hayashi can lie until Nov 7th, then serve with pride? I'm sorry, but Mary Hayashi left the court room in January and began lying from the day she walked out the door. First she claimed a brain tumor caused her to steal the $2,500 worth of merchandise. Then when this new position of supervisor came open, she suddenly told the Tribune that the brain tumor had nothing to do with her stealing. NO, then she began telling everyone that she never intended to steal anything but she got distracted on her cell phone, and inadvertantly walked out the door. She referred to the crime as a "absentminded error" and a "honest mistake" She made quote after quote saying she really didn't deliberately steal the clothes. However Craig, all along, the facts proved otherwise. That is why she chose to get a plea deal. In court she would have been shown to have fully intended and fully planned her crime. Even without the video tapes the police had from Neiman Marcus, you can read the police report where it clearly shows Mary brought the hidden empty extra Neiman Marcus shopping bag with her from home. Then she was seen concealing the merchandise into that very bag. The bag she carried out the door without paying. Mary has refused to explain why she had the extra bag in her possession. Because it proves her prior planning of the crime. Her full intention to steal. Now she lies about it. A lying criminal.
Davis November 06, 2012 at 05:57 PM
After reading your comments and pondering the situation, I have decided to vote for Valle instead of Green. Thanks for keeping us informed about the "crook"
Dan Arnhem November 06, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Children will view a Hayashi election as instructive on what happens to people who break the law. If she is elected, they will see society doesn't really care if you break the law. They would see her felony arrest and plea bargain, followed by only a $180 fine and zero jail time as permission to shoplift or steal without significant fear of it harming their future. After all, she was convicted in January, and would be elected in November to a job giving her a $43,000 raise in pay. All with the premission (vote) of the people of her community. Is that really the message you want to send to our young people? Think about that before you vote.
Michael Austin November 07, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Results: Richard Valle........20,014........36.29% Mark Green..........16,803........30.47% Mary Hayashi........13,165........23.87% Mark Turnquist...... 4,933........ 8.94% Write In.......................236........ 0.43%
Davis November 07, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Where have 13,165 voters been in 2012? Aren't they aware of Hayashi's criminal background?


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