Heart and Soil.

The Inexperienced Winemaker's Guide to Winemaking Guided by the Experience of the Inexperienced: Keep it Simple.

I jump from idea to idea like the migrating sparrow. Luckily, the incredible thing about blogs is knowing that no one is forced to read if they don't want to. With this being said, I am going to re-center my blog. I came here to tell you how winemaking is done, what I really think I want to portray is that if you are interested and passionate, anything and everything (within reason) is attainable.

With the word "reason", I mean, if you (I) awake at 2 am and cannot sleep until the following evening, every idea/thought you (I) have may or may not be "within reason". Planning a reality show that you (I) intend on pitching to Kat Von D may possibly lie outside of this "reality". I do, though, always question "reason". Well made architecture is built on a sturdy, well thought out, perfectly executed plan. You don't build the building floor by floor, it is built from the top down, inside out.

Not all successful ideas require such organization. I'm sure some of the most brilliant plans were built on the most outrageous ideas.

Anyway, my point is that I don't intend to control every aspect of my winemaking, every person's response to my writing, or the outcome of either venture. Art isn't perfect, art doesn't claim to be perfect, and because of this, art it is perfect. Everytime in everyway. As long as the art(ist) has the purity of passion behind his brush/microphone/instrument/camera/shears/hydrometer... ect. Now, whether or not you have carefully tiptoed within scientific parameters dictates the final presentation your audience will perceive. Even when not embraced by the masses, art is art. Bottom Line. Be open, be free, let go. I love seeing art (especially my own) go brutally wrong. It never fails to thrill me as much as it frustrates me. This, my friend, is what makes me real in the philosophical sense.

Ok, now for re-centering (yeah, right). With my Petite Sirah safely protected and sealed, it is time for some Barbera harvesting!! I met with a group of awesome people on a Saturday morning, some into viticulture and some simply into a little Saturday morning camaraderie. We worked in the heat, sweating, fighting bugs, fighting vines, and drinking beer. Let's be honest, this is where it all centers for me. Enjoying friends, farming, hard work, wine, and an iced cold beer on a Saturday morning. Don't ever let my griping tell you any different. Happy Weekend!

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Californicated1 November 06, 2012 at 04:28 PM
From the Architect's perspective, the building may be planned "from the top down" and/or from the "outside in" or even the "inside out", but the reality is that the foundation has to be laid out and poured with the correct mix of concrete and even air entrainment and rebar to reinforce it so that it lasts through time and through any foreseen disaster that could visit the structure during its lifetime. To build a building here on Planet Earth with all its gravity you start work on the bottom and work your way to the top. Not the other way around, which probably could be done in space or any other zero-gravity environment, but here on Earth, we must follow the laws of gravity and conform to them. The folks building Cheops' Pyramid did not start with the top, nor did they start with the exterior any more than the folks putting up Mies Van Der Rohe's vision of the United Nations Building in New York. Planning may be one thing, but execution of the plans is quite different. As for beer during breakfast, that will get old real fast especially if takes more and more beer during the morning hours, which will pretty much change your schedule for the rest of the day as more beer is imbibed. Besides, out in the sun, the beverage of choice really should be water, not beer, not anything with alcohol, sugar or any other substitute for alcohol or sugar, since your liver and your pancreas may not be able to metabolize them correctly as your body needs to cool itself.


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