Target Begins Price-Matching Online Retailers—Are You More Likely to Shop There?

The new policy includes Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, Toysrus.com and printed ads from local competitors.

Target announced in a statement it will begin price-matching a group of popular online retailers year-round. The new policy goes into effect immediately.

The Minneapolis-based retailer had introduced temporary price-matching with online retailers during the holiday season. The new year-round policy includes Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, Toysrus.com and printed ads from local competitors.

Do you compare prices online before making retail purchases? Will the new policy make you more likely to shop at Target? Tell us in the comments section.

Several media commentators see the move as an effort by Target to end "showrooming"—going to a physical store to pick out a product, then ordering it online at the cheapest rate.

The announcement comes a few days after Target reported relatively flat sales figures for December.

Target says customers can request a price match prior to buying an item or up to 7 days after a purhcase is made. Proof of the competitor's price and a copy of the original Target receipt (if making a request after purchase) are required.

Danielle January 15, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Now that Amazon charges sales tax -- maybe. However, Target's return policy is horrible (especially when compared to Amazon's). And I can potentially save a little bit more if I have my Amazon purchases shipped to a place with lower tax rates (e.g. where I work). Plus, if the price is the same, I'd rather buy from the comfort of my home and have it delivered to my door, as opposed to having to trek out to the store, and deal with customer service (and however long that takes) to get the price match. I'll probably only bother if it's something I need right away.
Lifelong Bay Area Resident January 16, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Don't believe everything Target tells you. I read this article yesterday and had a need to purchase something to could be found at Target or other retailers. I checked on line and found a lower price at Sears (which I could have stopped & picked up). I printed the web page that showed the product, product number, retailer and price. After standing in line, ringing up all my purchases and the cashier checking my "price match", the cashier then had to check with a manager. I guess the cashiers can't take care of price matching so I had to go to another counter where the manager was. They do not "honor" the price you print. They have to verify it with "this iPad." The manager brings up the site, but the price is different from what I found by about $10. So they won't match it. I am not happy that the price has changed from the morning to the afternoon on the web site so after arriving home, I immediately check the site again. My lower price comes right up. Why is it that Target's iPad won't show the lowest price? I guess if Target can't bring up the lower price, they don't have to honor it. So they can say all they want about price matching, but actions speak louder than words. From now on I guess my actions will be to not shop at Target when I get my products from another retailer for lower prices.
Punxnotdead January 16, 2013 at 06:06 PM
Not sure Danielle what you mean about Target's return policy is horrible. Both my wife and I have returned many items to the Target in Dublin and not once had a problem. They even take returns if you don't have the receipt as long as you have the CC you made the purchase with. Doesn't get a whole lot easier than that. Amazon.com is cool and all, and I give them lots of business, including having to return items, but I am glad to have a target in my town and am more than happy to support a local business. Yes I know they are HQ'd in another state, but they employ local people. Price matching is a nice benefit, but it doesn't affect my decisions on where I shop. Prices fluctuate every day and it's a waste of money to go to one store to buy one thing, then another store to buy something else just to save a few dollars. Waste of gas and my time, but I can see how some people who like getting deals would be willing to do it.


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