Sprouts & Shutters: Trinity Daycare Learning Center Closed

The preschool has closed as of Dec. 2013

Screenshot of the Trinity Daycare Learning Center
Screenshot of the Trinity Daycare Learning Center
After 24 years in Livermore, the Trinity Daycare Learning Center has closed. The preschool daycare center, which was part of the Trinity Church, had been located at 557 Olivina Ave. in Livermore. 

Jenice Moore, Minister of Administration at the church, confirmed the Dec. 20 closure and says the preschool closed for financial reasons.

"We had drop-in enrollment," Moore said. "With the statewide trend of transitional kindergarten, we were losing students."

Moore says she believes most families have found new placement for their children and she says she is happy to report that many of the preschool's teachers have found new jobs in Livermore.

The school posted the following message on the preschool website thanking the community:

"We wish to thank the community for 24 wonderful years of allowing us to help grow your children in God's love."

According to Yelp, the Christian preschool and daycare was founded in September 5, 1989 and cared for infants and children up to pre-kindergarten age. 

Did your child attend the Trinity Daycare Learning Center? Will you miss the preschool? Tell us in the comments section below.
Lifelong Tri-valley Resident January 15, 2014 at 05:40 PM
Our children attended for a few years. They were a good preschool with what seemed like an full enrollment. Closing halfway through the school year with a short notice was extremely harmful to the parents and children. (I had heard it was a 4 week notice, but cannot confirm) The holidays is no time for working parents to be scrambling for new daycare. I feel bad for the teachers too...they were a dedicated bunch.
Kristen Stephens January 16, 2014 at 09:27 AM
I am a parent who had 2 kids at Trinity until this recent closing. The staff and parents were given 8 weeks notice of the closure. It was a scramble for all of us to find other care halfway through the school year. My older son is now having a very hard time adjusting to the new preschool where routines are already cemented and the other children all know each other. I would've paid more each month just to go until June to prevent the upset this has caused. Even with that being said, it is unbelievable to me that money is the real/only reason the school closed, since Trinity was the second most expensive preschool in Livermore (after the Lab daycare), and yet other schools are doing fine, and even providing snacks and additional activities. It doesn't add up.
Renee Haugen January 16, 2014 at 05:28 PM
We were so disappointed, hurt, and subjected to hardship, by the closing. The staff and other families at Trinity Daycare were like a family to us. I also would have paid more to keep my child there until the end of the school year, had we known the situation. We all would have. We were faced with finding a placement for our Pre-K child with only half a year to go. Some parents had to miss days of work to find daycare for their children. Parents weren't notified of the upcoming vote, and it was dropped on us like a ton of bricks. I actually found out second hand, by way of Facebook and texting, the day the vote took place (October 26). Then the teachers took us aside as we arrived for school on Monday to let us know. THEN we received our letter. Very shabby communication on the part of the church. They should NEVER have put the TDLC staff in the position of having to deal with families arriving to school having already heard secondhand but not being formally notified. How very unprofessional, uncaring, and out of touch. If we were at least informed, we would have certainly been willing to help with fundraising, marketing, or whatever work the daycare committee at Trinity Church wasn't willing to do. People at Trinity Church were more willing to throw us all to the wind than put forth a reasonable effort to continue to operate a preschool/daycare with one of the best reputations in Livermore. Clearly someone was ready to wash their hands of what actually was an amazing outreach ministry. Thank you to the teachers who were so amazing and who loved our children the way we do. It is no surprise that they have been successful in finding other jobs. Trinity's loss is everyone else's gain.
Veruca Dear January 18, 2014 at 05:25 PM
Sunset Christian Preschool at Sunset Church off of Arroyo is EXCELLENT, affordable and the staff are all super warm and caring. http://sunsetcs.org/preschool


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