11 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day to Cross Off Your List

If you’re thinking about giving one of these questionable items to your mom, think again.

Mother’s Day is May 13 and we’re already overwhelmed with commercials suggesting that we aren’t good children or husbands if we don’t break the bank honoring the woman who reared us this Mother's Day. If you’ve watched TV lately, you may think infants need to cough up diamond rings for their mommies, or that daughters should pick up a new smart phone for their moms.

It’s true that moms like to receive special attention on Mother’s Day, but not all moms are so materialistic. In fact, a pizza company did a survey recently that found that 96 percent of moms would be happy with a homemade gift from their kids (and one of their pizzas on the table).

So if you have little ones at home, direct them to the craft aisle when shopping for a Mother’s Day gift. If you're a grown kid, then try to plan a little in advance. Because the following list is a definite no-no. 

Grocery store flowers. Come on, the woman who birthed you deserves more than a $5 bouquet of daisies you noticed next to the donuts. If you’re going to give flowers, think which recently won our .

Bag of chocolate. Yes, most moms delight in chocolate. But unless that bag of Walmart chocolate bars are tucked inside a handmade candy jar, you should aim a little higher. Think Godiva or Sees. Besides, she already has a bag of Special Dark miniatures hidden in the laundry room.

Cheap wine. Seriously? If your mom (or wife) likes wine, take her on a trip through .

Discount jewelry. Leave the “best mom ever” trinkets alone, unless you’re six years old and bought that $5 dollar bracelet with the hard earned contents of your very own piggy bank.

Gift cards. Your mom cooks and cleans and even picks up your dirty socks. Now you’re going to make her shop for her own gift? Give mom a day off. If you give her a gift card, it better be for her favorite restaurant or take-out joint.

Small appliances. Just because your mom is still using the beat up toaster she got on her wedding day does not mean she needs a new one on Mother’s Day. Besides, giving your mom a toaster just says, “Mom, make me some toast.”

Exercise equipment. Even if your mom works out every day and looks like a Greek goddess, do not give her new workout gear. You may as well tell her she's fat to her face. She can buy her own workout gadgets, thank you very much.

DIY facials. Sure there’s lots of pampering goodies to be found at make-up section of Target, but if you really want to surprise mom, send her to a spa.

Coupons for chores. You and she both know these coupons will never be redeemed. If you want to offer your time and labor, do it on Mother’s Day.

A day out with the family. If you plan on giving mom a “cherished memory” in the form of a trip to the zoo, a picnic in the park or a stroll through the museum…don’t. Not unless the trip includes a pre-packed picnic lunch and a promise of no whining and no diaper changes (for those with little ones).

Anything from the Dollar Store. Just turn around slowly and put down the 99 cent garden gnome. You’ll thank us later.

Ellen May 09, 2012 at 05:14 PM
The best ideas are ones that don't cost much money but mean a lot. Here's one idea for creating a slideshow for mom which is an excellent Mother’s Day Gift that is creative and doesn't require any money! http://www.infobarrel.com/The_Ultimate_Mothers_Day_Gift


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