Patch Releases Android App

Launch syncs with release of Nexus 5.

Patch released a new Android App last month, making it easier than ever to stay in sync with what’s going on in Livermore. 

The new app has an intuitive user interface that automatically syncs the mobile device with a user’s favorite Patch.  It is slick, fast, and geologically organized, with the freshest news presented at the top of the screen. The further down you scroll, the older the stories are. 

Patch fans can use existing accounts to login to Patch’s mobile news network. No matter which Patch you created your account with, you can use it to get news from any Patch in the United States. This comes in handy when traveling.  Alternatively you can login with your Facebook account.

Find what type of news you want by clicking on the top left corner of the screen. A navigation bar will slide over to the right, revealing sections that contain different types of news and recently visited Patches. If you’re visiting someone in a new town, you can find the local Patch by clicking on “See all Patches.” Search for the Patch by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

A cool feature is the text size modifier. While you’re looking at an article, click on the“AA” icon in the top part of the screen. That will bring a blue scroll bar to the front of the screen that looks like a volume button. Slide the blue ball on the bar to the left or right to increase or decrease the font size.

Best of all, the bright green P icon is super easy to find in your phone’s menu. You won't lose it, no matter how many games you've downloaded. 

The free app is now available for download in the Play store.


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