Residents React to News of Possible Shadow Cliffs Waterslides Closure

Patch readers comment on news of an East Bay Regional Parks committee recommending Shadow Cliffs waterslides be shut down.

The longtime Shadow Cliffs waterslides may soon be removed from the area as an East Bay Regional Park committee has recommended shutting down the popular warm-weather activity.

Check out what Patch readers are saying in response to the news:

It's a shame that they could not come up with the funding for this especially when looking at the waste of taxpayers money on what has to be a multi-million dollar "bridge to nowhere" beautification project, (including park benches every 30 yards or so to marvel at the lovely traffic whizzing by), on Stanley Blvd. Yeah, bigger government is what every city, town, state and nation needs! —Paul Talley

Totally disappointed. My kids really enjoyed the slides for a couple years there. —Kim Guidice

Please don't give up finding the solution to getting the slides fixed and working. I agree with all of the above comments and don't see why it is such a big deal to get the slides fixed and operating. The revenue that they got was not in the red to operate. Please put our tax dollars to good use and get this project done so we can enjoy the slides again. They were unique to our area and were enjoy by many including many members of my family. My kids and now my grandkids were enjoying them and are disappointed and unhappy that they are closed. I had hope that this problem could be worked out. Why are so many other things around here more important. —Julie

I would have liked the chance to take my kids there. They are just at the age for that now, it would have been a great summer activity for them. I would really like to see more family activities in our parks; we have a lot of nice big patches of green that aren't used for very much. —Joe Granada

I am totally disappointed that we could not keep the waterslides open. I know people came as far away as Concord to use this park, while the parents went to do shopping in the area. It was a wonderful area for teen activity. Now they will seek entertainment and shopping activities else where. —Ron Chambers

I think that the waterskides are a landmark and a vital local institution and hope that someone will find a way to get them back up and running again. —Mike Carpenter

As an ardent supporter of the water slides, I am extremely disappointed. However, I'm not surprised. After reading the assessment of the current condition and the requirements to bring the slides up to code, I realized that it would take significant effort and expense for anyone to come in and make the necessary repairs and upgrades. The costs, combined with the fact that the revenue potential was limited, left very little opportunity for investment from an outside entity.

If the slides are ever to be reopened, we will need to find a new funding source. Either a public agency (county, city) or possibly a tax levy of some kind. At this point in time, it’s unlikely that either could occur before the EBRPD removes them.

As for EBRPD, I believe that they did exactly what was asked. They listened to the community; they postponed the decision; they hired a third party to perform an assessment; they issued an RFP and considered responses. In the end, there isn’t much more that we can ask of them.

So what’s next? Maybe we need to go the way of Livermore, or Fremont, or many other cities and find a way to build a new local water park of some kind, one suited for our area that has a solid funding mechanism.

Any volunteers to lead a new effort such as this? —Chuck Bierdeman

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Sean February 26, 2013 at 08:50 PM
Did the City of Livermore and EBRPD fund the Stanley Blvd. make over?
Ag February 27, 2013 at 04:25 AM
We live in alamo and and have been coming to the slides for the past 5 years. We even have friends that come with their children from as far as piedmont and San francisco, everyone marvels at how lucky we are to have this park activity for the kids and such great weather! It is always packed with young kids up to teens having good clean summer fun. Why on earth can't we find a way to preserve this magical place for our kids ? This is so disappointing for so many people! Seems like there is something fishy going on here. Someone one EBRPD could be connected to a developer that wants to make money in the deal! We're watching !
Ag February 27, 2013 at 04:31 AM
I agree with dan scannel! What the heck????
Mike March 04, 2013 at 12:10 PM
I recently saw the park district has a fully armored SWAT assault truck in their inventory. As a tax payer, it amazes me that a parks department would have an assault truck, let alone a full blown SWAT team. Are the Regional Parks that unsafe that they can justify this type of expense? How much money does it cost to train these SWAT officers? How much did that assault truck cost? Yet, they feel it necessary to shut down a much beloved water park enjoyed by so many children and adults over the years due to budgeting concerns? I find this type of budgetary prioritizing and lack of fiscal responsibility appalling. Regional Parks management must explain why a heavily armed assault force is needed in our parks rather than an enjoyable water park for tax paying residents and children! I did not vote in favor of the park districts bond measures to secure more parklands for them to be closing down much needed safe outdoor activity venues for our children!
Joe Granada March 04, 2013 at 12:50 PM
The party line (which I actually agree with) is that the people at the park district aren't going to try to run the slides themselves, they would only subcontract it out to a private company. The park district says that they got no realistic bids to do so; the guy who formerly ran the slides (who I believe is now retired) claimed that the district put too many conditions on the bidding process to make it practical for him to continue. I have no idea who's right.


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