Communities To Paint Towns Blue In Honor Of Young Girl

Livermore and Newark residents plan to remember Madi Seeds, a 12-year-old who died of congenital heart disease.

Sami and Madi Seeds were like any other pair of sisters.

They shared secrets, occasionally fought, did each other’s hair and laughed.

“She had the goofiest laugh,” Sami said.

But for an entire year, 15-year-old Sami has been forced to only remember her sister’s laugh in her memories.

Madi Seeds passed away on Feb. 17, 2011 at the age of 12 of Tetralogy of Fallot and Degores Syndrome, a congenital heart disease she was born with. She was a seventh grader at Christensen Middle School.

To remember her and celebrate her life on Friday, her family and friends are inviting communities everywhere to wear Madi’s favorite color: Blue.

Heading the effort to memorialize Madi in her hometown of Livermore is Sami and her mother, Beckie Seeds.

Sami describes her sister as selfless and the “sweetest person anyone could ever meet.”

“I start to think back at all those times and really realize that she loved me so much and cared for me. It was really honoring. So now I kind of want to spread her memory… and I want to live my life like she did,” Sami said.

Beckie Seeds described her youngest child as an optimistic, warm-hearted young girl.

“[Madi] took every day so positive and never let her heart defects or learning disabilities pull her back. She was mellow a great sharer,” Becki Seeds said.

The plan is to decorate downtown Livermore’s trees with blue ribbons and numerous students at Livermore High and Christensen Middle schools have said they’ll be wearing blue.

In Newark, Madi’s young nephew has plans of his own to remember the bright-eyed, care-free girl.

Her death was hard on 5-year-old Dominic Arthur, his mother said, as Madi was his best friend.

“It makes him feel better when people talk about her, and not forget about her,” Nicole Arthur said.

Dominic, a Snow Elementary School kindergartner, will be wearing blue and is asking his schoolmates and the entire community to join him.

While he’s young, he can vividly remember what he misses most about her.

“Her hugs and kisses,” Dominic said with a smile. “She had long, blonde hair like me and my mom. She looked really beautiful.”

And her beauty stemmed from inside, Sami said.

“She kind of taught me to think of others before thinking of yourself. She taught me to enjoy life,” Sami said. “Even though she had heart disease, she didn’t let it stop her. She was just a normal kid. She lived life absolutely to the fullest and lived life more in her 12 years than people who are 80.”

Sami added, “She is my hero … She would do anything for you and not expect anything in return.”

“I miss everything about her. I really miss being able to talk to her. I really never realized how special that was,” Sami said. “I just miss having my sister.”

“She was just so loved just a good kid a lot of heart and a lot of soul we miss her,” Beckie Seeds said.

The Seeds, including brother Chris and father Pat, are hoping to give back. They plan to help raise funds for the organization that has significantly helped their family.

For six years, Madi attended programs with Camp Taylor – an organization that offers numerous free summer camps throughout Central and Northern California for children with congenital heart disease and their families.

Beckie Seeds has gone forward with creating a fundraising page so the community can donate to Camp Taylor in Madi’s name. To make a donation, visit http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/madisonseeds

To find out who is wearing blue for Madi or to share your memories of her, visit the Seeds' Facebook event page by clicking here.

Kimberlee Eldred Pestana February 14, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Thank you for this wonderful article about this beautiful girl and her amazing family! We will all be wearing BLUE for sure... We miss your sweet smile and laugh Madi !! XO


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