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Lawrence Livermore Scientists Help 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are part of the organization that accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Tuesday, according to a press release from LLNL. 

The lab is one of 21 accredited by the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical of Weapons, which was awarded the 126-year-old prize as the international community grappled with the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in that country's civil war.

From LLNL's press release: 

"I think this award is very special and satisfying to our entire team at LLNL," said Armando Alcaraz, a chemist who has led LLNL's OPCW work for the past 13 years. "We would like to think that in a small way we have helped contribute to preventing the proliferation of chemical weapons in the world."

Syria became the OPCW's 190th member three days after the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced its selection for 2013. 


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