Adopt a Pet with Holiday-Themed Name Fee-Free, Giving Tree Donations Accepted

The East Bay SPCA launches “Home for the Holidays” promotion, waives adoption fees on all animals with holiday-themed names. Donations are being accepted for the annual "Giving Tree" which can be found in the shelter or online.

From the East Bay SPCA:

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and the East Bay SPCA is focused on making sure that its shelter animals are adopted into loving homes. This year, the organization is launching its “Home for the Holidays” campaign (Dec 1. to Dec. 30) to encourage the public to help as many shelter animals as possible.

East Bay SPCA suggests three easy ways to “lend a paw” this season, and is waiving fees on all animals with holiday-themed names!

1.      Adopt – East Bay SPCA is waiving fees on all animals with holiday-themed names!

2.      Buy a Shelter Pet a Gift! – East Bay SPCA has “Giving Trees” at selected locations in Oakland and Dublin. Shoppers can pop in, pluck an ornament off the tree, purchase that gift, and donate that item. A virtual Giving Tree is also available online at www.eastbayspca.org/givingtree/donate

3.      Make a Donation – Monetary donations during this time of year are essential. East Bay SPCA would like the public to know that $25.00 will provide free vaccinations for a dog or cat, $50.00 will provide a comfortable Kuranda® bed for a dog or cat, $75.00 will provide flea medication, a microchip, and food for one month and $100.00 will provide a medical care for an injured animal in need.

“We want to give these animals a second chance, and provide them with loving homes for the holidays and beyond. So many animals are taken to shelters during the holidays because of minor behavioral issues, increased family stress, or even a lack of money for boarding” says East Bay SPCA Executive Director Allison Lindquist. “Our hope is that the public will consider adoption when they choose to add a new animal companion to their home this holiday season.”

“We think that waiving fees on animals with holiday-themed names is a fun way to engage the public and shine light on some really special animals in need of homes” says East Bay SPCA Director of Operations Melissa Duford. “Bringing your family down to visit animals like “Jingle Bells” or “Peppermint” is fun and rewarding for all! Our message to families who are thinking about bringing home an animal this season is to adopt from a shelter. Shelter animals make great additions to a family and deserve a home for the holidays, and beyond.”

The East Bay SPCA also offers some of the lowest adoption fees in the Bay Area with fees for cats and kittens ranging from $25 to $75 and puppies and dogs from $50 to $150. All animals at EBSPCA are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, as well as behaviorally and medically evaluated before they are placed up for adoption. All animals in EBSPCA’s Adoption program are kept until they are placed in a loving home.

Those thinking about adopting a pet are invited to the EBSPCA’s Adoption Centers in Oakland and Dublin Wednesday through Sunday from 11 AM – 6 PM. “We encourage the entire family to spend time with the dog or cat they are interested in adopting to help ensure a good match,” Lindquist explains. “Choosing to share your life with an animal requires careful consideration and a commitment to that pet that goes far beyond the holidays.”

Editor's Note:

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