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A Tragedy in the NFL

Let’s stop with excuses! Kansas City Chief’s linebacker, Jovan Belcher, was a murderer

This will be unpopular, but............

Let’s stop with excuses! Kansas City Chief’s linebacker, Jovan Belcher, killed his girlfriend / baby-momma in a fit of rage. You don’t have to be a CSI detective to know that one shot is out of passion, but 9 shots is clearly out of rage. Belcher was not a victim, he was a murderer!

Many homicide killers would have just sat in his Bentley and blown their own brains out, not this guy. He was 25 years old, drove his Bentley to the Chiefs headquarters and in an act of Shakespearean flair, arrogance and self-centeredness, he killed himself. Not only was he a murderer but he demonstrated that he was also a coward.

This reinforced my belief that “Guns don’t kill people, Football players do”! Wait, that wouldn’t be fair to the 10,s of thousands of Football players that have never committed a murder/suicide. So it must mean that “Gun’s don’t’ kill people, people with headaches do”!  No, this doesn’t work either. I suffer from headaches and have yet to kill anybody. No, that still doesn’t compute.” Gun’s don’t’ kill people, people addicted to drugs and alcohol do”. While this may be closer to the truth, it’s still not accurate and over simplifies this tragedy. Maybe its “Guns don’t kill people, but Men that are emotionally unstable do”; it’s called domestic violence and it happens every day across the country. Sometimes domestic violence happens with a gun, sometimes a knife, maybe a car, baseball bat, poison etc. etc. You name it; it’s been used to kill someone. A gun is an object that does not possess the ability to do anything by itself. It’s the person behind the object that does the killing.

Please don’t buy into the hype that if there were stricter gun controls in place that this would not have happened; it just would have been a different object.  Just remember the gun that was used to kill Nichole Simpson and Ron Goodman…….. Disregard that last sentence; it was a knife that was used to commit these murders not a gun, you get the point, no pun intended.

So Remember, “Guns don’t kill people, Overpaid 25 year old Athletes, that drive Bentleys, and have headaches, drinks alcohol and takes pain pills do!” Oh yeah, you can add emotionally unstable and domestic violence to the equation, but that’s not as sexy as simply saying that the gun committed the crime.

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Able Danger December 04, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I guess we know where you stand, I agree


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